Benjamin de Boer, Rowan Lynch and Philip Ocampo
October 4th - 12th, 2018

9x is a site-responsive exercise between Toronto based artists Benjamin de boer, Rowan Lynch and Philip Ocampo.

Founded on an interest in collaboration, process, and trust, 9x is an accumulative exhibition that reevaluates itself continually through the course of a 9 day period. In three rotations of three, Ocampo, Lynch and de Boer contribute new works to the space, allowing the exhibition to gradually amass objects as time passes. Works already in the space will be rearranged to accommodate the newcomer, with this process repeated over the course of the exhibition. 

Ocampo's contributions specifically engage with chance, including three artworks inspired by mystic/divinatory objects and practices: Tarot/luck charms, symbology via tiles, and dowsing pendulums. Running parallel to the exercise's own unpredictability, the works acknowledge the unseen forces informing the intuitive practice of rearranging objects.