1.) Exhibition essay + publication for The Bald Eagle's Claw, Xpace Cultural Centre. July 2019. — Read. Exhibition documentation here

2.) In these final hours, Exhibition text. If nothing saves us from death, at least love should save us from life, Misbah Ahmed at The Loon. October 2019. — Read

3.) Exhibition essay + insert for Scaffolds I can no longer see, InterAccess. November 2019. - Read here and here. Exhibition documentation here

4.) Untitled (Perforated text). Exhibition text accompanying Cadence Planthara's contributions to New Strata, Hearth. November 2019. - Read.


Full text package and exhibition documentation here

5.) Uncanny Americana: a conversation with Philip Leonard Ocampo. Interview with Greta Hamilton. Public Parking. April 2020. Read here

6.) Right Hook, Release: Muscled Rose at Scrap Metal. Exhibition review. Peripheral Review. May  2020. Read here

7.) Hit pause. Short story for Erotic Awakenings, Hearth. June 2020. - Read here

8.) What was gathered from the meadow? and Poems of Relation. Exhibition text and adjacent writing accompanying Matt Nish-Lapidus' I'm Feeling Lucky, view recent changes, Hearth. July 2020 - Read here